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Serie B 2006/07
Day 16
Turin - Italy, Tuesday January 16 2007, 08:45 PM
Stadio Olimpico
Juventus 2
Cesena 1
first period 2 - 0

Goalscorers Del Piero (J) at 17', Trezeguet (J) at 25' fp; Waigo (C) at 17' sp
12Antonio Mirante  Goals allowed: -1  
2Alessandro Birindelli     
27Jonathan Zebina    Red Card reaction foul at 22' sp
4Robert Kovač Substitute out 26' sp   
29Paolo De Ceglie
 Substitute in 26' sp   
14Federico Balzaretti     
16Mauro Camoranesi Substitute out 23' sp   
13Felice Piccolo
 Substitute in 23' sp   
19Matteo Paro     
15Claudio Marchisio    Yellow card
20Raffaele Palladino     
17David Trezeguet  Goals scored: 1  
10Alessandro Del Piero  Goals scored: 1 Yellow card
1Luigi Turci  Goals allowed: -2  
20Roberto Biserni     
31Marco Zaninelli     
Diaw Doudou     
3Maurizio Lauro     
Giuseppe Anastasi Substitute out 18' sp  Yellow card
14Adriano Mezavilla
 Substitute in 18' sp  Yellow card
23Giuseppe De Feudis Substitute out 35' sp   
Francesco Virdis
 Substitute in 35' sp   
10Emiliano Salvetti Substitute out 32' fp   
Andrea Lazzari
 Substitute in 32' fp  Yellow card
11Papa Waigo  Goals scored: 1  
9Graziano Pellé     
35Umberto Del Core     
22Emanuele Belardi     
23Tomás Guzmán     
40Dario Venitucci     
9Valeri Bojinov     
25Marcelo Zalayeta     
12Alessio Sarti     
24Daniel Ola     
2Rocco Sabato     
17Andrea Bracaletti     
Manager Didier Deschamps Manager Fabrizio Castori
Referee Luca Banti from Livorno - Italy

Red Cards Zebina (J) reaction foul at 22' sp

Yellow Cards Lazzari (C), Mezavilla (C), Del Piero (J), Marchisio C. (J), Anastasi (C)

Notes Match originally scheduled in date 12/15/2006 and not played for the death of two Juventus' youth teams players (Riccardo Neri and Alessio Ferramosca) in a incident into Juventus sporting centre (Vinovo).
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Juventus - Cesena 2-1