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Playoff Championship
SeasonPWDLFAAchieved roundW
1900420253Preliminaries (FC Torinese, Ginnastica TO)0
1901210173Semifinals (Milan 2-3)1
19024211105Qualifications Group (FC Torinese, Audace TO, Ginnastica TO)0
19035401165Final (Genoa 0-3)4
1904421174Final (Genoa 0-1)2
19056420133Win (US Milanese, Genoa)2
1906622255Final (Milan 0-0; 0-2)1
1907200226Preliminaries (Torino 1-2; 1-4)0
1908201113Preliminaries (Pro Vercelli 1-1; 0-2)0
1909310233Preliminaries (Torino 0-1; 3-1; 0-1)0
1909/10168262819Qualifications Group0
1910/11163491629Qualifications Group0
1911/121833122247Qualifications Group0
1912/13101181435Qualifications Group0
1913/142817478542Semifinals Group1
1914/151610155929Semifinals Group (Genoa, Casale, Venezia)1
1919/202215524912Northern Italy Finals (Inter, Genoa)2
1921/22227962731Qualifications Group0
1922/232210573121Qualifications Group0
1923/242211473727Qualifications Group0
1924/252412843821Qualifications Group0
1925/262720528419Win (Alba Roma 7-1; 5-0)3
1926/272817476823Finals Group1
1927/2834168106041Finals Group1
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Playoff Championship
Summary table