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Serie A 2005/06
Day 34
Cagliari - Italy, Saturday April 15 2006, 03:00 PM
Stadio Sant'Elía
Cagliari 1
Juventus 1
first period 1 - 0

Goalscorers Suazo (C) pen. at 45' fp; Cannavaro (J) at 50' sp
25Antonio Chimenti  Goals allowed: -11/1Yellow card at 13' sp
19Michele Ferri     
3Michele Canini     
4Francesco Bega     
14Francesco Pisano Substitute out 27' sp   
31Alessandro Agostini
 Substitute in 27' sp   
7Mauro Esposito Substitute out 28' fp   
23Antonio Langella
 Substitute in 28' fp  Red Card after the end of the match
18Nelson Abeijón    Red Card after the end of the match
5Daniele Conti     
24Alessandro Conticchio Substitute out 16' sp  Yellow card at 7' sp
16Alessandro Budel
 Substitute in 16' sp  Yellow card at 36' sp
8Massimo Gobbi     
9David Suazo  Goals scored: 11/1Yellow card at 47' fp
1Gianluigi Buffon  Goals allowed: -10/1 
19Gianluca Zambrotta     
6Robert Kovač     
28Fabio Cannavaro  Goals scored: 1 Yellow card at 24' sp
3Giorgio Chiellini Substitute out 21' sp   
14Federico Balzaretti
 Substitute in 21' sp   
11Pavel Nedvěd     
4Patrick Vieira     
20Manuele Blasi Substitute out 35' sp  Yellow card at 17' fp
25Marcelo Zalayeta
 Substitute in 35' sp   
18Adrian Mutu Substitute out 1' sp   
16Mauro Camoranesi
 Substitute in 1' sp   
9Zlatan Ibrahimović     
10Alessandro Del Piero   0/1 
12Andrea Campagnolo     
2Joe Bizera     
21Andrea Capone     
27Andrea Cossu     
32Christian Abbiati     
7Gianluca Pessotto     
60Claudio Marchisio     
24Rubén Olivera     
Manager Nedo Sonetti Manager Fabio Capello
Referee Nicola Ayroldi from Molfetta (Bari) - Italy

Red Cards Abeijón (C) after the end of the match, Langella (C) after the end of the match

Yellow Cards Blasi (J) at 17' fp, Suazo (C) at 47' fp, Conticchio (C) at 7' sp, Chimenti (C) at 13' sp, Cannavaro (J) at 24' sp, Budel (C) at 36' sp

Failed penalties Del Piero (J) at 13' sp - Saved
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Cagliari - Juventus 1-1