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Serie A 1987/88
Day 9
Turin - Italy, Sunday November 22 1987, 02:30 PM
Stadio Comunale
Juventus 0
Cesena 2
Stefano Tacconi     
Luciano Favero     
Antonio Cabrini     
Massimo Bonini Substitute out 34' sp   
Pasquale Bruno
 Substitute in 34' sp   
Sergio Brio     
Gaetano Scirea     
Angelo Alessio     
Marino Magrin     
Ian Rush     
Luigi De Agostini    Yellow card at 43' sp
Michael Laudrup Substitute out 42' sp  Yellow card at 42' fp
Beniamino Vignola
 Substitute in 42' sp   
Sebastiano Rossi     
Agatino Cuttone    Yellow card at 26' sp
Michele Armenise    Yellow card at 18' sp
Roberto Bordin     
Alberto Cavasin     
Giampaolo Ceramicola     
Alessandro Bianchi     
Dario Sanguin Substitute out 1' sp   
Giuseppe Angelini
 Substitute in 1' sp  Yellow card at 35' sp
Giuseppe Lorenzo     
Agostino Di Bartolomei Substitute out 30' sp  Yellow card at 3' sp
Pasquale Traini
 Substitute in 30' sp   
Ruggiero Rizzitelli    Yellow card at 22' fp
Luciano Bodini     
Nicoló Napoli     
Andrea Caverzan     
Stefano Dadina     
Gianluca Leoni     
Stefano Impallomeni     
Manager Rino Marchesi Manager Alberto Bigon
Referee Romeo Paparesta from Bari - Italy

Yellow Cards Rizzitelli (C) at 22' fp, Laudrup (J) at 42' fp, Di Bartolomei (C) at 3' sp, Armenise (C) at 18' sp, Cuttone (C) at 26' sp, Angelini (C) at 35' sp, De Agostini (J) at 43' sp

Notes Sport judge decision for serious incidents caused by Juventus fans; the match was finished 2-1 (0-0) for Juventus with goals scored by Brio 8' and 24' fh, Rizzitelli (C) 30' sh
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Juventus - Cesena 0-2