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Cup of the Alps 1963
Qualifications Group B: Day 3
Zürich - Switzerland, Sunday June 23 1963, 05:30 PM
Grasshoppers 3
Juventus 5
first period 1 - 3

Goalscorers del Sol (J) at 6', Miranda (J) at 10', Blättler (G) at 14', Menichelli (J) at 40' fp; Sivori (J) at 8', Miranda (J) at 10', Blättler (G) at 23', Duret (G) at 30' sp
Karl Elsener  Goals allowed: -51/1 
Josef Hummel     
Georg Winterhofen     
Ivo Ghilardi     
Max Menet     
Herbert Dimmeler     
Rolf Wüthrich     
Charles Kunz     
Rolf Blättler  Goals scored: 2  
Raymond Duret  Goals scored: 1  
Roberto Anzolin Substitute out 16' spGoals allowed: -1  
Carlo Mattrel
 Substitute in 16' spGoals allowed: -2  
Adolfo Gori     
Gianfranco Leoncini     
Giancarlo (I) Bercellino     
Ernesto (I) Castano     
Giovanni Sacco   0/1 
Carlo Dell'Omodarme     
Luis del Sol  Goals scored: 1  
Armando Miranda Substitute out 14' spGoals scored: 2  
Gino Stacchini
 Substitute in 14' sp   
Omar Sivori  Goals scored: 1  
Giampaolo Menichelli  Goals scored: 1  
Manager Branislav Vukosavljević Manager Paulo Amaral
Referee Anton Bucheli (Switzerland)

Failed penalties Sacco (J) at 20' sp - Out
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Grasshoppers - Juventus 3-5