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Friendlies 1936/37
Turin - Italy, Thursday October 29 1936
Stadio "Benito Mussolini"
Juventus 7
Biellese 2

Goalscorers Borel II (J), Gabetto (J), Menti (J), Scagliotti (J), Unknown (J), Unknown (J), Unknown (J), Caudera (B), Nelva (B)
Ugo Amoretti  Goals allowed: -2  
Alfredo Foni     
Pietro Rava     
Mario (I) Varglien Substitute out 31' fp   
Teobaldo Depetrini
 Substitute in 31' fp   
Luis Monti     
Giovanni (II) Varglien Substitute out 16' sp   
Mario (I) Varglien
 Substitute in 16' sp   
Giacomo Neri     
Felice (II) Borel  Goals scored: 1  
Guglielmo Gabetto  Goals scored: 1  
Cinzio Scagliotti  Goals scored: 1  
Umberto Menti  Goals scored: 1  
Manager Virginio Rosetta Manager Federico Munerati
Referee n.a.

Notes Match played with 3 periods of 30 '.
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Juventus - Biellese 7-2