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National Division Championship 1926/27
National elimination rounds - Group A: Day 15
Turin - Italy, Sunday February 13 1927
Campo di Corso Marsiglia
Juventus 1
Alba Roma 0
first period 0 - 0

Goalscorer Pastore (J) pen. at 8' sp
Giampiero Combi     
Mario Ferrero     
Luigi Allemandi     
Oreste (III) Barale     
Mario Meneghetti     
Carlo (I) BigattoCaptain    
Giuseppe Grabbi     
Mario Paniati     
Pietro Pastore  Goals scored: 11/1 
Ferenc Hirzer     
Giuseppe Torriani     
Bruno Ballante  Goals allowed: -10/1 
Attilio (I) Mattei    Red Card violent foul at 9' sp
Angelo Bianchi     
Pierino Rovida     
Giovanni Degni     
Luigi Ziroli    Red Card violent foul at 26' sp
Cesare Fasanelli     
Dante Baviera     
Pio Maneschi     
Tomasz Heger     
Manager József Viola Manager n.a.
Referee Raffaele Mastellari - Bologna

Red Cards Mattei I (A) violent foul at 9' sp, Ziroli (A) violent foul at 26' sp

Notes Match originally scheduled in date 01/23/1927 and not disputed due to bad weather.
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Juventus - Alba Roma 1-0