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First Division Championship 1925/26
North League Preliminary - Group B: Day 15
Milan - Italy, Sunday March 28 1926
Campo di Viale Lombardia
Milan 1
Juventus 2
first period 1 - 1

Goalscorers Vojak I (J) at 10', Savelli (M) at 21' fp; Hirzer (J) at 37' sp
Giampiero Combi  Goals allowed: -1  
Virginio Rosetta     
Luigi Allemandi     
József Viola     
Mario Meneghetti     
Carlo (I) Bigatto     
Federico Munerati     
Antonio (I) Vojak  Goals scored: 1  
Pietro Pastore     
Ferenc Hirzer  Goals scored: 1  
Giuseppe Torriani     
Manager Vittorio Pozzo Manager Jenő Károly
Referee Giovan Battista Vagge - Andrea Doria

Notes According to La Gazzetta dello Sport the second goal of Juventus was scored by Torriani.
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Milan - Juventus 1-2