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First Division Championship 1925/26
North League Final First Leg
Bologna - Italy, Sunday July 11 1926, 04:30 PM
Stadio Littoriale
Bologna 2
Juventus 2
first period 1 - 0

Goalscorers Perin (B) at 42' fp; Hirzer (J) at 2', Hirzer (J) at 28', Muzzioli (B) at 34' sp
Mario Gianni  Goals allowed: -2  
Giovanni Borgato     
Felice Gasperi     
Giuseppe (I) Martelli     
József Wereb     
Alberto Giordani     
Alberto Pozzi Injury   5' fp   
Ferdinando Perin  Goals scored: 1  
Angelo Schiavio     
Giuseppe Della ValleCaptain   Red Card reciprocal incorrectness at 48' fp
Giuseppe Muzzioli  Goals scored: 1  
Giampiero Combi  Goals allowed: -2  
Virginio Rosetta     
Luigi Allemandi    Red Card reciprocal incorrectness at 48' fp
Carlo (I) BigattoCaptain    
József Viola     
Giuseppe Grabbi     
Federico Munerati     
Antonio (I) Vojak     
Pietro Pastore     
Ferenc Hirzer  Goals scored: 2  
Giuseppe Torriani     
Manager Hermann Felsner Manager Jenő Károly
Referee Agostino Gama from Milan - Italy

Red Cards Allemandi (J) and Della Valle (B) reciprocal incorrectness at 48' fp

Notes Pozzi (B) left the field on 5' fp due to injury.
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Bologna - Juventus 2-2