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First Division Championship 1922/23
North League Preliminary - Group B: Day 7
Legnano (Milan) - Italy, Sunday March 04 1923, 02:45 PM
Stadio di via Carlo Pisacane
Legnano 3
Juventus 2
first period 1 - 1

Goalscorers Monticone (J) pen. at 5', Allemandi (L) pen. at 10' fp; Tosi (L) at 5', Tosi (L) at 25', Gallo (J) at 39' sp
Angelo Cameroni  Goals allowed: -20/1 
Luigi Allemandi  Goals scored: 11/1 
Vinicio (IV) Colombo     
Attilio Gerola     
Italo Rossi     
Paolo (III) Colombo     
Giuseppe Torriani     
Mario Crespi     
Giuseppe Tosi  Goals scored: 2  
Silvio Raso     
Attilio Marcora     
Giampiero Combi  Goals allowed: -30/1 
Antonio Bruna     
Osvaldo Novo     
Carlo (I) Bigatto     
Giuseppe Monticone  Goals scored: 11/1 
Giovanni (I) Barale     
Gaetano Gallo  Goals scored: 1 Red Card violent foul at 44' sp
Francesco Blando     
Pio (III) Ferraris     
Silvio Perotti     
Giuseppe Grabbi     
Manager n.a. Manager Jenő Károly
Referee Luigi Barnabò - Inter

Red Cards Gallo (J) violent foul at 44' sp

Notes Match originally scheduled in date 11/19/1922 and not played for the postponement of the previous match days. Then scheduled in date 12/10/1922 and not played as the referee nominated Bernabò was unable to be present for election issues. The match was played in friendly form with the result of 0-0.
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Legnano - Juventus 3-2