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First Category Championship 1906
Finals Group
101/21/1906Genoa - Juventus1 - 1 
303/11/1906Juventus - Milan2 - 1Match originally scheduled in date 02/28/1906 and not played for snow.
404/01/1906Juventus - Genoa2 - 0Match originally scheduled in date 03/18/1906 (suspended for invasion of field of the Genoa fans with Juventus that lead 1-0 with a goal scored by Streule) and then in date 03/25/1906. The date was then definitively set for 01/04/1906 with the neutral field dispute in Milan.
604/22/1906Milan - Juventus1 - 0 
04/29/1906Juventus - Milan0 - 0Match finished after extra-time
05/06/1906Juventus - Milan0 - 2Replay of previous match. Sport judge decision for Juventus renunciation after the choice of US Milanese field as neutral field.
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First Category 1906
First Category