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Cup of the Alps 1966
Qualifications Group: Day 4
Zürich - Switzerland, Wednesday June 15 1966
Lausanne/Zürich Sel. 3
Juventus 0
René Schneider     
Christian Morgenegg     
Kurt Hunziker     
Gilbert Fuchs     
Eric Polencent     
Anton Weibel     
Georges Vuilleumier     
Klaus Stürmer     
Rosario Martinelli Substitute out 42' fp   
Peter Meier
 Substitute in 42' fp   
Pierre Kerkhoffs     
Charles Hertig     
Angelo Colombo     
Adolfo Gori     
Domenico Casati     
Benito Sarti     
Ernesto (I) Castano     
Bruno Mazzia     
Carlo Dell'Omodarme     
Dino da Costa     
Vincenzo Traspedini     
Cinesinho Cunha     
Giampaolo Menichelli     
Manager n.a. Manager Heriberto Herrera
Referee Dittmar Huber (Switzerland)

Notes Sport judge decision after match suspension at 29' sh for Juventus protest on score 2-2 with goalscored by Hertig (S) 3' fh, Sturmer (S) 20' fh, Cinesinho 27' fh; Traspedini 8' sh
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Lausanne/Zürich - Juventus 3-0