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Playoff Championship - 1921/22
Home; Drawn
1NOGU10/30/1921Juventus - Spezia2 - 2 
2NOGU04/09/1922Juventus - Milan0 - 0Recovery match programmed the 01/29/1922 and not played for field impracticable.
3NOGU04/30/1922Juventus - Bologna1 - 1Recovery match programmed the 02/19/1922 and not played for field impracticable.
4NOGU05/14/1922Juventus - Mantova1 - 1Replay of the match played in date 11/27/1921 and finished 1-2 (Ferraris P. (J) at 13', Vidotto (M) at 20' fh; Barbieri III (M) at 42' sh). The match was revoked by referee technical error (Dani from Genoa) - Juventus: Barucco; Novo, Bruna; Marchi II, Gilli, Bigatto C.; Sereno, Giriodi, Ferraris P., Barale I, Grabbi G. - Mantova: Mattinzoli; Barbieri II, Ghirelli; Prosperi II, Venturini, Bodini; Vidotto, Gasperini, Prosperi III, Agostinelli, Barbieri III.
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