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Champions League 2004/05
3th Qualification Round First Leg
Turin - Italy, Tuesday August 10 2004, 09:00 PM
Stadio Delle Alpi
Juventus 2
Djurgårdens 2
first period 0 - 1

Goalscorers Johansson (D) pen. at 46' fp; Hysén (D) at 4', Trezeguet (J) at 5', Émerson (J) at 14' sp
1Gianluigi Buffon  Goals allowed: -20/1 
21Lilian Thuram Substitute out 37' sp   
15Alessandro Birindelli
 Substitute in 37' sp   
4Paolo Montero     
6Nicola Legrottaglie     
19Gianluca Zambrotta     
20Manuele Blasi    Yellow card at 32' fp
8Émerson da Rosa  Goals scored: 1  
3Alessio Tacchinardi Substitute out 7' sp   
24Rubén Olivera
 Substitute in 7' sp   
9Fabrizio Miccoli    Yellow card at 16' sp
17David Trezeguet  Goals scored: 1  
10Alessandro Del Piero Substitute out 34' sp   
25Marcelo Zalayeta
 Substitute in 34' sp   
15Pa Dembo Touray  Goals allowed: -2  
2Matías Concha     
6Toni Kuivasto     
4Elias Storm     
12Markus Karlsson     
7Johan Arneng     
10Andreas Johansson  Goals scored: 11/1 
16Markus Johannesson     
77Abgar Barsom Substitute out 23' sp   
19Juraj Dovičovič
 Substitute in 23' sp   
8Tobias Hysén Substitute out 46' spGoals scored: 1  
17Søren Larsen
 Substitute in 46' sp   
3Fredrik Stenman Substitute out 37' sp   
23Yannick Bapupa
 Substitute in 37' sp   
12Antonio Chimenti     
2Ciro Ferrara     
7Gianluca Pessotto     
5Igor Tudor     
30Oskar Wahlström     
20Tomas Backmann     
25Patrick Amoah     
24René Makondele     
Manager Fabio Capello Manager Kjell Jonevret
Referee Herbert Fandel (Germany)

Yellow Cards Blasi (J) at 32' fp, Miccoli (J) at 16' sp

Notes The 0-2 goal conceded by Gianluigi Buffon is the number 100 conceded at home in all European Cups by Juventus.
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Juventus - Djurgårdens 2-2