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Champions League 1995/96
Qualifications Group C: Day 1
Dortmund - Germany, Wednesday September 13 1995, 08:30 PM
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund 1
Juventus 3
first period 1 - 2

Goalscorers Möller (B) at 1', Padovano (J) at 12', Del Piero (J) at 37' fp; Conte A. (J) at 24' sp
1Stefan Klos  Goals allowed: -3  
3Jürgen Kohler     
5Júlio César da Silva     
6Matthias Sammer     
2Knut Reinhardt     
4Steffen Freund     
7Stefan Reuter     
8Michael Zorc Substitute out 1' sp   
15Rúben Sosa
 Substitute in 1' sp   
10Andreas Möller  Goals scored: 1  
9René Tretschok Substitute out 1' sp   
16Ibrahim Tanko
 Substitute in 1' sp   
11Heiko Herrlich Substitute out 28' sp   
13Lars Ricken
 Substitute in 28' sp   
1Angelo Peruzzi  Goals allowed: -1  
4Moreno Torricelli    Yellow card at 11' sp
2Ciro Ferrara     
5Sergio Porrini     
3Gianluca Pessotto     
7Angelo Di Livio     
6Paulo Sousa     
8Antonio Conte Substitute out 42' spGoals scored: 1  
15Giancarlo Marocchi
 Substitute in 42' sp   
11Vladimir Jugović     
9Michele Padovano  Goals scored: 1 Yellow card at 22' fp
10Alessandro Del Piero Substitute out 42' spGoals scored: 1  
14Didier Deschamps
 Substitute in 42' sp   
12Wolfgang de Beer     
14Bodo Schmidt     
12Michelangelo Rampulla     
13Massimo Carrera     
16Alessio Tacchinardi     
Manager Ottmar Hitzfeld Manager Marcello Lippi
Referee Kurt Röthlisberger (Switzerland)

Yellow Cards Padovano (J) at 22' fp, Torricelli (J) at 11' sp

Notes The 1-0 goal conceded by Angelo Peruzzi is the number 200 conceded in all Euopean Cups by Juventus.
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Borussia - Juventus 1-3